Shiloh Ranch History

Shiloh Ranch Ministries opened in the summer of 2007 with a main goal of reaching and ministering to the youth and children of our surrounding communities. With an average of 130 visitors per summer and being able to reach out to 300+ youth a year since the opening, Shiloh Ranch has become the center of a small handful of separate but closely related ministries that have reached beyond the gates of the ranch. “Our goal” says president and founder Brett Graves “is to reach our youth for Christ and to be an example of the love that He has shown us; To minister physically, emotionally and spiritually to each individual who we come into contact with.”

Shiloh Ranch Ministries is a true vision. While on a mission trip in 2004 to Anadarko Oklahoma with his church Brett’s eyes were opened and he could plainly see the suffering and pain the youth not only of this area but of the nation were facing every day. “I was shown Ezekiel 2 12-15” says Brett, “I could not get the youth of today off my heart; I was tired of doing nothing”. That’s when the vision of the ranch began to form. For almost two years his vision started to form as he and his wife Ivy and two children began the building process and officially opened in the spring of 2007.

“Running the facility on donations and never charging for anything that is done here has always been and will always be one of the goals at the ranch”, says Ivy. “we don’t want to turn away anyone because of their financial situation. We do accept donations and the Lord has always given us what we need when we need it.”

Growing according to the will of God is what the ranch does. With the addition of different ministries such as the music ministry in 2008 and the archery ministry in 2011 the ranch and its board of directors seek for different ways to reach today’s youth in an outdoor setting.

Shiloh Ranch is a family run ministry. Not only have Brett and Ivy’s two children become involved in the ministry in different ways but the volunteers at the ranch have become family to the Graves. “it is so amazing to see the different people God brings into our lives and how close we become at the ranch” Says Brett. “Even the visitors to the ranch have touched our lives, sometime more then we have touched them I think”

Now, with a small group of dedicated volunteers Shiloh Ranch is reaching youth for Christ and changing lives.