1 on 1

Session Application
1 on 1 is the main ministry at the ranch. This is where 1 youth and 1 staff member get to spend 1-1/2 to 2 hours together. The time can be spent with the horses; which is the most common or another activity the ranch has to offer such as doing a craft or playing games. This is a good time for our staff to build relationships with the youth and is a favorite among many of our staff members.

Because of the shorter time period scheduling is easier so only 2 weeks notice for scheduling is typically needed. Also because of the demand for the 1 on 1 activity we only allow youth to visit in this capacity every other week. A parent or legal guardian is required to stay at our facility during the 1 on 1 activity for safety reasons but they are encouraged to find a picnic table or another cool place to sit and enjoy some quiet time as the kids are enjoying themselves.