Meet Our Horses


Brown was the first horse at the ranch. He was a gift from a family member to our oldest child Amber.

Before he came to us he was used strictly as a cattle horse. He has always loved working cattle and is an excellent roping horse. Amber has used him as a show horse in 4-H and as a barrel race horse.

Because of his extensive training he can be used as either a beginner’s horse for older youth or an advanced rider’s horse. He is a lot of fun and he loves to run and make people happy



Apache is the spit fire of the herd.

He may be the smallest horse but his attitude is bigger than any other horse we have. We think he is a pinto paint but we are not sure.

He has a great personality and loves to be around people. He usually is one of the first to greet visitors at the fence or in the field. Because of his spit fire attitude he is only used by experienced riders at the ranch. Maybe one day he will slow down enough to be used as a beginner horse.



Chance came to the ranch from the Kansas State University Equine program. He is a retired jumper that has placed several times in the top 3 at world championship competitions.

Kansas State donated him to us because he needed to retire due to his age, he is over 20 years old and is arthritic in his rear end and has navicular in both of his front hooves. We treated him with a special supplement for his navicular and he is doing much better.

Standing at over 18 hands tall he is the biggest horse at the ranch. With his big size comes a big heart. He loves being around kids of any age and he loves being brushed, in fact he will often start falling asleep while being brushed.

Chance is a very special horse because he makes both a great beginner horse and an advanced rider’s horse.



Red was donated by a family friend.

Red is always the first to come up to you while in the field, mainly to see if you may be bringing a treat for him. He loves special treats such as, carrots, apples & occasionally watermelon rinds. If you are just looking for a friendly & laid back horse to pet, Red is your guy!








Alice is a little sweet heart; she is a sister to Red and for the most part loves attention. She and Red came together to the ranch. Most of the youth who visit just love her coloring & think she is really beautiful. Alice was originally trained to be a barrel racer, but shortly after was deemed to laid back for competitions. Her owners felt she would make a great addition to Shiloh Ranch as a kid’s horse. She has been faithful to that calling.


Jazz was given to us in October of 2008.

She has a quiet personality & loves to be around everyone. She is very friendly & enjoys being brushed. Jazz loves to ride & responds real well with whoever is riding her at the time. She is the type of horse that will look at you when you’re talking to her, what a great listener! Jazz loves every minute of it.


Trigger is our first miniature horse at the ranch.

We got him because there are so many kids that are frightened by horses and with his size he helps those kids relax. He is such a character, he is the smallest horse at the ranch but his personality is huge.

When he is out grazing he loves to play tag. You can chase after him and he will run around kicking up his back feet, then you stop and run away from him he will come after you. It is a hilarious sight to see. He was used at one time to visit retirement homes where he would walk up and down the halls to visit the residents. While we can’t saddle him he does pull a cart that we take to parades.

Tater Tot

taterTot01Tater Tot was donated to the ranch in the spring of 2012. He is considered a dwarf miniature horse. Tater Tot stands about 24 inches tall & is very much a hit with the youth visiting the ranch. Considering he was only a year old when we got him, he is very friendly & well mannered. He shares the paddock with Trigger & they have become great friends!


leggs01Leggs came to us from Rainbow Meadows Horse Rescue out of Sedan, Ks. We adopted him in the summer of 2012. Shortly after his arrival here we celebrated his 5th Birthday! Even though he is a young man, he has turned into a great kid’s horse with just a few months of training. He has a wonderful personality & always is one of the first ones to greet visitors at the fence. Leggs has made a great addition to our herd.


cay01Cay is such a quizzical & fun loving horse. If there is something to get in to, Cay will be right
in the middle of it. She is easy going & has made a great kids horse. We were blessed to have
her donated by a family friend.


scout01Scout crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 12, 2013 due to illness. He was a quiet boy & will be greatly missed around the ranch by all. Rest in Peace, friend!