The following is a list of volunteer opportunities at Shiloh Ranch. Some of these positions are only available to certain types of volunteers. Please call Shiloh Ranch with any questions at 785-822-7661 or 785-655-9099.

Prayer Team- We would not be anywhere if it weren’t for prayer. Can you help mobilize a prayer team, add new members and commit to daily prayer of our facility and how we may be able to reach the youth of our area. Can you be contacted with pressing prayer concerns?

Greeter/office assistant- Has a warm and friendly smile to everyone who comes to Shiloh Ranch. Can give directions and answer questions to new members. Helps keep the ranch office organized and makes sure all release forms have been completed.

Crafty- Are you a Martha Stewart in hiding? Your talent is needed. Teach your creative side to kids with different crafts.

Big Kid- Kids love a big kid to play with. Needs to be creative and have a lot of energy. Needs to encourage kids to be kids.

Musician- Helps spread the word of God through songs and instruments in a ranch type setting. Helps set the tone of the day.

Snacks / Kitchen- Can you bake cookies like mamma used to make? Are you available to bring snacks to all working ranch hands and guests. Will also include delivering drinks on the hot summer days.

Picture Taker- Do you have an eye for pictures? We need pictures taken for memories and for future publications and newsletters.

Work Horses- Strong arms and backs are needed for most of these jobs. Will include things such as fence building, repair. Building/barn maintenance and grounds maintenance (mowing, weed whacking, tree pruning, etc.).

Green Thumb- Needs to know the difference between weeds and flowers. Uses creativity to help make the ranch beautiful.

Barn Help / Horse Care- Can help maintain the horse stalls and make sure the horses are fed and cared for. Keep records of when horses are used for lessons.

Horse Instruction- Do you love horses and kids? Can you help a kid find comfort and discipline with horses? Must be an experienced rider.

Cowboy/Cowgirl- Are you an experienced rider. The ranch has a lot of horses that need to be kept ready for the kids. Anywhere from light workouts to attitude adjustments.

Adult Mentors- Do you have a heart for kids? Do you want to touch a life? Do you want your life touched? You have the opportunity to be a mom or dad, grandma or grandpa to a child who needs to experience the love of Christ. Needs to be able to guide youth mentors.

Youth Mentors- Reserved for the older youth, you will have daily contact with the youth at the ranch. You may be one of the few happy faces the kids see all week. This can be a life impacting position for both you and the guest. This is reserved only for those who are serious about helping kids. You will be a role model.

Professional- The ranch often needs an individual with special skills, to include electrician, plumbing, carpentry, and lawyer. If you have any of these skills and would like to volunteer your services to the ranch please let us know and you will be contacted when your services are needed. If your profession is not listed but you would like to volunteer please let us know.

Group activities or group help is always welcome; please contact Brett or Ivy Graves at Shiloh Ranch for scheduling. All instructional or leadership positions will be scheduled all other positions will have an open door policy. If you want to volunteer but don’t see anything on the list please talk to us to see where you would fit in.

All adult volunteers will be asked and required to complete a background check at no charge to them.